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We empower systems change through human development and training that is grounded in the principles of neuroscience, cultural responsivity, racial equity and social justice. All through a Trauma-Informed Perspective.


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Resilience-Focused, Trauma Informed Care Certification Training. Wednesday, April 26.

6-hour Session 9am – 12pm, 1pm – 4pm

Training Objectives: Participants will be introduced to the basics of PACEs science and why experiences matter when working with youth and families.

• Neuroscience and brain development basics
• The impact of trauma on early and ongoing development and health

• Rethinking behavior. Ours and theirs.

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Brain Wise Solutions is

Building Resilience

The Brain Wise Mission

We empower systems change through human development and training that is grounded in the principles of neuroscience, cultural responsivity, racial equity and social justice. All through a Trauma-Informed Perspective.

Our Vision

We envision human service systems that are human-center designed, empowering people to create sustainable solutions and building thriving communities.

Our Purpose

Brain Wise Solutions Group exists because we believe that all human life is precious and equally valuable, that the human spirt is resilient and adaptive in the face of adversity, and that human connection is essential for building thriving communities.

Community Members Trained

Professionals Trained

Our Partners

The ACEs Aware initiative is a first-in-the nation effort to screen patients for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to help improve and save lives. ACEs Aware strives to create a better world for our children, families, and communities by working together across sectors to prevent and address the impact of ACEs and toxic stress.

The mission of CRI is to inspire healthier communities with science-based insights in order to promote and cultivate resilience.

What Drives Us

“Personal development is a journey, not a destination.”

We have seen the failure of systems from both a professional and personal perspective and we are driven by the changes we see in the people we partner with on a personal and professional level. We are driven by the couples that decide to rebuild their marriage instead of following through with a planned divorce. We are driven by teachers and educators who go back to their schools and treat children, parents, and each other with more compassion and understanding. We are driven by the organizations that make changes in their policies and procedures that embrace a more human- and brain-centered approach to growing the next generation of servant leaders. And we are driven by the ongoing effort to weave neuroscience into our communities in an effort to heal, prevent harm, and address injustices and complex societal challenges.

Join us!

We welcome you to join us at the Brain Wise Solutions office for our next engaging in-person experience or join us online for a virtual conversation. We are all the experts of our own personal journey and we look forward to joining you as you learn and implement neuroscience and trauma infomred care principles into your relationships at home, at work, and in the community.

Watch Past Events

Miss an event? No problem! At any time you can purchase and re-watch our past events. Brain Wise Solutions understands that not everyone can attend every event, so we keep an archive so you can still get the information you are looking for!

Our Team

Brian K. Semsem Sr.

Anago Consulting Inc., is an organization specializing in Neuro-Informed Professional Training and Performance consulting . Brian has lived and served communities in the central valley for over 30 years…

Jason Williams

Jason Williams, MS., is a certified trainer for Trauma-Informed practices through CRI (Community Resilience Initiative, Walla Walla, WA.). He also received his Brain Story Certification from the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative…

Your beautiful, malleable brain!

Your brain was built by the genes that were passed on from generation to generation, along with the earliest experiences in your life to the experiences you are having right now. We encourage you to look beneath your behavior and feelings and examine your values and beliefs. The values and beliefs we learned growing up have shaped our thoughts, feelings, communication, and behavior we express today. Take a moment to listen, feel, and get in touch with what is inside your own mind.

Change what you’d like to change! We can rewire our brains till the moment we take our last breath. Our beautiful brains have neuroplasticity, which means we have the ability to rewire and reshape our thoughts, feelings, communication, and behavior. This takes awareness and effort, but it can be done and we can show you how.

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